1. Oftas srl distributes electromedical equipment, both used and new. The equipment gets tested in Oftas' headquarters, with its specific module attached to the sale documentation, or delivered and installed in the client's office, and tested in the presence of the same client.

  2. On USED equipment, there is guarantee of perfect functioning. Eventual signs of use from the equipment's previous owner do not constitute a flaw if these do not invalidate the equipment's regular functioning. The printers, new or used, supplied with the equipment cannot be substituted with different models or to the client's choosing.

  3. USED equipment is sometimes supplied without some accessories (examples: papers for chin rest, anti-dust blankets, fuses etc.), this does not invalidate the equipment's regular functioning and does not constitute a flaw.

  4. On sold equipment is applied, by law, a warranty of 06 (six) months from the date of delivery, formally indicated on the courier's bought note, who is also equipped with shipping invoice and transport's document.

  5. The warranty is applied in case of operation's flaw, and also on eventual spare parts. The flaw must be immediately reported to Oftas Srl with an email at the following address: assistenzatecnica@oftas.it .

  6. To return equipment, a request for it must be sent to Oftas Srl's administration for authorization. If the reasons of return are not errors or omissions made by Oftas Srl, the equipment's transport will be paid by the client. The equipment must be returned intact and with every accessory, with adequate packaging that will ensure its integrity.

  1. Because Oftas Srl makes business uniquely with people that use the supplied equipment within the scope of their professional activity, Oftas Srl lets the absolute inapplicability of the right of contract termination be known, as decided by the Italian Law n. 21/2014.

  2. The warranty expires in the following cases:

    • if the equipment was used in conditions, or for purposes, that are different from the ones for which it is designated.

    • If the equipment is modified and/or altered and/or replacements are made by external technical assistance which is not attributable to Oftas Srl, and that undermine the equipment's regular functionality

    • If damages derive from bad maintenance or improper use

    • deterioration provoked by external causes like falls, impacts, scratches, negligence, accidental break, alterations and so forth.

    • damages caused by the transportation of the equipment in another office, location or headquarters, by unauthorised personnel or by the client.

    • damages caused by events of force majeure, or atmospherical or natural events, or vandalism, and other circumstances that are not attributable to the equipment's flaws.

    • damages attributable to sudden change in voltage

    • improper use by unauthorised personnel, negligence, uncapable to use properly

    • in case of equipment supplied with computer, if softwares are installed after the delivery

    • all external components (ex. Electrical sockets) on which the client intervenes during regular use and/or maintenance.

  3. Any transport fright and/or risk is charged on the client, even in case of carriage paid.

  4. Delivery times are always calculated in working days, so saturdays, sundays and holidays are always not peremptory, because they're susceptible to eventual delays caused by force majeure, like the courier being late, checks at customs and so forth. In any way, delivery times are not considered “not accomplished” if it remains within 6 weeks and beyond 30 working days, or beyond the report of difficulty in carrying out the delivery.

  5. In case of delivery delay the client can dissolve the contract if the delay exceeds 6 weeks, as per article 10. If it is accepted by Oftas Srl, it will entail the restitution of the amount prepaid, reduced by 20%.

  6. For whatever controversy the Autorità Giudiziaria di Matera (Judicial Authority of Matera, Italy) will be involved.